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The power of music in offices, headquarters and corporate environments

06/03/2021 by Originalmusic

To think that the inclusion of a piped music will only have consequences on our clientele is a mistake. What about the local workers and employees? What happens then with the musical atmosphere in offices or work spaces? Today we will talk about the music in offices: how it affects workers, what music to choose to achieve more productivity in the day and day and some tricks as experts in music for business.


The eternal struggle… silence or music to work?

Today we will focus on a somewhat unique type of business, spaces that are not open to the public such as a restaurant or clothing store but that can also benefit from a good background music: we will talk about music for offices, corporate environments or coworking type workspace.

Music in the office or, in general, listening to music to work has always been a contentious issue. The silence has always had many advocates in the field of concentration. How many parents will have said: "turn off the TV to do your homework", "take off your headphones to study" or "so it's impossible to concentrate". And it is not that they were wrong, it is that it has taken many years and some serious studies to show that music can increase our concentration and predisposition to work.

For this to be fulfilled and we can enjoy the advantages of listening to music in the office, We must take special care in the musical selection. Let's say this one will fulfill a corporate Function, Just as you would have it in a commercial sales point: it is one more form of communication by the company.

Who would want their message or the voice of their company to be silence? No one. All types of space can benefit from a correct selection of music, centrémonos en los benefits of listening to music in the office

Advantages of listening to music in offices:

In a restaurant, for example, the musical choice can become complicated. The boss of the premises will have one taste, the waiters and cooks another, and furthermore, even if you have a more or less similar public, each client will have their own tastes and after all, it never rains to everyone's taste.

In an office or workspace, the worker is the only factor to take into account. The absence of customers or public coming and going does not justify the absence of a background music. As we have said, the background music has a corporate function, so the absence of a corporate function would not be understood. tool that helps improve communication between the brand and its workers.

And it is that, referring to all the studies that have been done on the effects of music, we can affirm that 9 out of 10 workers in Spain say they are more productive when listening to music at your job; They emphasize that background music makes them complete their tasks in a much more efficient way.

Another advantage that we cannot forget when we talk about music in offices is motivation. We must take into account the number of hours our employees spend at their jobs. The right music can improve motivation and the mood, make the routine and the tasks of each day less heavy.

And it is that silence, forgive me, is not good company. Listening to a colleague yawn, eat gum, turn leaves and leaves as if there were no tomorrow... All this makes us distract and lose concentration. The right background music will muffle these annoying noises and yes, friend (between you and me), have a little more privacy in your conversations. Productivity, predisposition, stress reduction, increased creativity... small changes that become great achievements.

The best music to work in the office:

Although music can bring us great benefits, not just any kind of music will. we must lend special attention to the selection of the repertoire what we want for our office music. Apart from the volume (of course), the musical genre is a very important aspect to consider.

Not all tasks have the same needs, therefore, the music that suits us best will have a closely related to the type of tasks We perform. If our work is precious, detailed and requires concentration, the ideal is to opt for quiet and relaxing instrumentals (classical music, jazz...); while more monotonous and repetitive tasks will respond better to cheerful music for work, more marked and lively rhythms (pop-dance, electronic...). try avoid songs with lyrics in your office music, this will keep you from being distracted and gain even more concentration.

If you don't take all these effects into account, it can be very difficult to make a correct musical selection. You can always use it as a herramienta de comunicación interna empresa-empleado: Collecting requests will enhance your inclusion in the group and help you get to know your team better.

At OriginalMusic we have the perfect service if you are looking for music for your office: adapted to your needs, with predesigned and exclusive lists, whether you want to pay S.G.A.E. as if not Tell us what your work environment is like and we will advise you so that you can achieve the best music management.

Obviously, in OriginalMusic there is no silence and we have our favorites among all



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